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The Introduction of Manual of Road Tunnels includes three pages: the Homepage, the Preface and the Road Tunnels Manual introduction itself.

The Homepage is the copy of the page "Home" which is the access page to the Manual Website with in particular the sections "If it is your first visit !", "Copyright", "Disclaimer" and "Last updates of the English version".

The Preface is signed by the PIARC General Secretary who states there that this Road Tunnels Manual is a major work of the technical committee Road Tunnel Operations and that has to describe the state-of-the-art in an objective manner, helped by the remarks and the suggestions of the readers, best practices and current knowledge.

The following page, The Road Tunnels Manual, explains the genesis and the objectives of the Manual. It presents then its contents and the main contributors of this collective work. This Introduction explains why this Manual is a reference tool for all those who, closely or remotely, are concerned by road tunnels.

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