Road Tunnels Manual

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Transverse aspects

The first part of the Manual considers general aspects of road tunnels.

Chapter Strategic Issues presents the principal strategic elements of which any decision maker must take into account before making a decision concerning the choice or the design of a tunnel. This chapter is addressed particularly to the decision makers and to the designers of countries that are starting to tackle the construction or major refurbishment of a tunnel.

Chapter Safety deals with the crucial topic of safety in tunnels. In particular, it considers methods for risk analysis.

Chapter Human Factors regarding Tunnel Safety considers the human aspects that affect the operation of road tunnels. The severe fires in 1999 and 2000 confirmed how important it is to take human behaviour into account at the design stage.

Chapter Operation and Maintenance examines the management and the maintenance of tunnels for which, in addition to safety, durability is a key concern.

Chapter Environmental Issues linked with Operation deals with the environmental aspects of road tunnel operations, not only in terms of air pollution but also noise and water pollution.

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