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3.3. Emergency teams

Fig. 3.3-1: Tunnel safety exercise with fire brigade

Rescue teams liable to be called on to intervene in road tunnels obviously need to have the general training required to help people and combat fires in any type of infrastructure. Tunnels are confined spaces in which a crisis or fire can very quickly render rescue operation conditions more complicated. Over and above their technical skills, firemen therefore need to be trained specifically for this type of intervention.This training must develop their behavioural knowhow and enable them to deal appropriately with the complex situations they may be confronted with in a tunnel. This knowhow is particularly crucial for the supervisory staff who must be capable under all circumstances of adapting the operational methods initially envisaged, if needed. In order to fulfill this mission, good coordination with the tunnel staff is decisive, requiring meticulous preparation, followup and implementation of intervention plans, safety exercises, and training based on feedback of experience.

In the case of cross-border tunnels, attention needs to be drawn to the collaboration required between the countries concerned in order to ensure perfect coordination between the rescue teams in crisis situations.

Fig. 3.3-2: Helping users in a shelter

With respect to the rescue teams, the following aspects are emphasized in Technical Report 2008R03 "Management of the operator-emergency teams interface in road tunnels" :


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