Road Tunnels Manual

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3.1. Users

Fig. 3.1-1: User approaching a tunnel

The following aspects are emphasized in Technical Report 2008R17 "Human factors and road tunnel safety regarding users".

When carrying out these investigations the Working Group members involved in these studies often had to answer the following question: "should we adapt the tunnel to the user or the user to the tunnel?" Obviously both strategies should be made use of, and in order to put the existing recommendations into perspective the Working Group decided to investigate the subject of driver education and information for drivers.

The Technical report 2011R04EN "Recommendations regarding road tunnel drivers' training and information" provides recommendations to all those in charge of education and information actions: national organisations and agencies, owners, operators, and consultants in the field of communication. Its aim is to provide them with basic knowledge that can help them to develop or improve their training and information media. It is the result of an interactive and interdisciplinary process with the participation of technicians, specialists from intervention teams and psychologists. The report starts with a brief review of our knowledge of human behaviour in tunnels. It then develops proposals for educational elements for trainers, followed by practical instructions intended for the users. The document concludes with a number of suggestions and proposals that may be useful for the delivery of training and communication activities.

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