Road Tunnels Manual

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During the 2008-2011 cycle, the Road Tunnels committee reviewed all the terms and definitions relating to road tunnels which existed in the various PIARC dictionaries, in particular the PIARC Dictionary (Theme1 5: Tunnels) and the PIARC Lexicon (Theme 6: Bridges and Tunnels). From all these terms, it retained a first list of 179 terms. These terms and their definitions were reviewed and validated in French and English. This list of terms served as first version for a new specific PIARC dictionary: the "Road tunnel operations" dictionary.

This list of 179 terms and definitions was then translated by the committee members in 17 different languages among those which are used by the Terminology Committee.

The list of all these terms and their definitions are available on the PIARC Web site, at the heading "Search per theme" in the page "Terminology", while clicking on "Road tunnel operations" in the list of the dictionaries and while clicking then on "Road tunnel operations" in the list of themes.

This list is also available in Excel files which will give all the terms and all their definitions in the 20 languages:


For the realization of this Glossary,

  • Pierre SCHMITZ (Belgium), President of the committee, supervised the Glossary;
  • the various Working Groups reviewed the existing terms and definitions and proposed new terms;
  • Bernard FALCONNAT (France) reviewed the terms and definitions of the French version;
  • Fathi TARADA (U.K.) reviewed the terms and definitions of the English version
  • Manuel ROMANA RUIZ (Spain) translated the terms and definitions in Spanish

The translations of the terms and definitions starting from the English and French official versions were carried out by:

  • Arabic: Najla KHOURY (Canada-Quebec)
  • Chinese: Liu WEI (People's Republic of China)
  • Czech: Pavel PRIBYL (Czech Republic)
  • Danish: Rasmus BANG (Denmark)
  • Dutch: Ronald MANTE (Netherlands)
  • Finnish: Laura VÄISÄNEN and Kristian APPEL (Finland)
  • German: Rudolf HÖRHAN (Austria)
  • Greek: Ioannis BAKOGIANNIS (Greece)
  • Italian: Romano BORCHIELLINI and Carlo BARBETTA (Italy)
  • Japanese: Hideto MASHIMO (Japan)
  • Korean: Nam-Goo KIM (South Korea)
  • Norwegian: Erik NORSTRØM (Norway)
  • Persian: Moosavi SHAHAB (Iran)
  • Portuguese: Antonio PINTO DA CUNHA (Portugal)
  • Slovene: Drago DOLENC (Slovenia)
  • Swedish: Maria MARTON (Sweden)
  • Vietnamese : VIBRA (Bridge and Road Association – Vietnam).